NSW Rural Fire Service heads to EPG Engines Head Office

On Tuesday 12th April 2016, EPG Engines conducted a special Kohler Diesel Engines training day for the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) at EPG Engines head office in Seven Hills. This training day was run and led by Karl Bunzel, National Technical Support Manager of EPG Engines.

NSW Rural Fire Service heads to EPG Engines Head Office

The training day was conducted for the RFS fleet mechanics at the Warringah Pittwater District who service Kohler Diesel Engines used on the Firefighting Tanker Pumps that are installed on the back of their fire trucks. This day was to help improve and refine their knowledge and skills on Kohler Diesel Engines and included both theory and practical sessions on MD191, 25LD425/2 and KD425-2 Series Diesel Engines.

Topics covered in the training session included:

  • The history of Kohler, Ruggerini and Lombardini as well as the history and evolution of the Kohler KD425-2 Diesel Engine.
  • Servicing of these engine models including type of oil to be used, valve adjustment procedures, TDC establishment, crown clearance adjustment, injection pump timing and adjustment.
  • Trouble shooting and common issues such as preventing cylinder glazing, oil overfilling, correct wiring of electrical devises, correct fitting of stopping arrangements including stop solenoids and starter motor protection.
  • Warranty procedures

EPG Engines was able to provide RFS fleet mechanics invaluable knowledge, insight and ‘tricks of the trade’ that cannot be found in any user manual but from 36+ years of experience with diesel engines.

EPG Engines would like to say a big thank you to Darryl Pearson, District Fleet Officer, and his team for their participation and the opportunity to conduct this training day.

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