Kohler Diesel Engines

Kohler Diesel Engines boast exceptional power and engineering excellence. The range delivers Kohler Air Cooled and Kohler Liquid Cooled Diesel engines that are suitable for a wide range of applications including Agriculture, Golf Course Maintenance, Industrial Construction, Power Generation/Welder, Professional Landscape and Recreational.

The new Kohler Diesel Air Cooled engines boast the latest technology from direct injection technology to full pressure lubrication. The Kohler Diesel Liquid Cooled range delivers top-notch fuel injection technology reducing fuel consumption, while the belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence make for quieter operation. Kohler Diesel engines range from 6.7Hp to 64.4 Hp.

Kohler Diesel Engines incorporates Lombardini Diesel Engines and Ruggerini Engines, both now part of the Kohler Diesel Engine family and fully interchangeable.

Kohler’s commitment to continual innovation and development of the latest technology ensure all Kohler Diesel Engines are of exceptional quality and reliability.

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