OEM News: Kohler Powered Stump Grinders

We are proud to present one of our OEM’s, Red Roo’s, recently built bunch of stump grinders, powered by Kohler Command Pro EFI Engines.

This particular model is the ECH740-3008 and is designed with closed loop technology which is more fuel efficient than open loop systems. Additionally, closing the loop between air/fuel intake and exhaust output provides more power and fuel savings. The engine allows for an easy start with no-choke starting whether it’s hot or cold or after extended storage. Being a Kohler Engine, you can troubleshoot the engine in real time through EFI diagnostic software that provides instant data on engine performance.

Red Roo have been a client of EPG Engines for over twelve years and have been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of chippers, mulchers, stump grinders, rotary hoes, trenchers, aerators, turf cutters and post hole diggers for over forty years. Located in Keysborough, Victoria, there models are distributed to their dealer network as well as for contractor applications or the hire and rental industry.

If you are interested in these Kohler powered stump grinders, please contact the Red Roo Victoria branch.

Address: 41-43 Keyborough Ave, Keysborough, VIC 3173

Phone: (03) 9769 0455

Email: info@redroo.com

Website: www.redroo.com

Kohler Command Pro EFI Engines

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