The New Force in the Walk-behind Mower Market – The Kohler XT Series!

KOHLER Engines has recently entered the walk-behind mower market with the release of its first walk-behind engine models, the Courage XT-6 and XT-7 Series. Utilising 80 years of commercial-ride features and technology, Kohler has designed a walk-behind engine that will make a mark in the walk-behind mower industry.

The KOHLER Courage XT-6 and XT-7 models are both air cooled, four-cycle, single cylinder, vertical shaft petrol engines. The XT-6 series engine is 3.5 horsepower, 3600 RPM and 2.5kw. The XT-7 series is the larger of the two engine models at 4.5 horsepower, 3600 RPM and 3.5kw.

Engineered in the United States, the new XT Series has been designed with high performance and ease of use in mind. In addition to being easy to start, the KOHLER overhead valve design provides for efficient combustion and strong performance, with minimal fuel consumption and emissions.

To enhance the engine life, KOHLER uses a commercial-grade, cast iron cylinder liner which is standard on both models. A forged (not cast) crankshaft is also part of the new Kohler walk-behind engines, providing a superior tensile strength and performance especially for heavy loads.
Finally, the exclusive feature of a wide-diameter, fuel tank opening is also standard to make refuelling easier.

KOHLER Engines is a global manufacturer of small petrol engines and diesel engines, servicing the lawn & garden, industrial, transportation, agriculture and light construction markets. The company’s engine products include petrol engines from 4-40 horsepower, and diesel engines from 3 to 70 horsepower.

EPG Engines is a national distributor of quality stationary petrol engines and diesel engines that are used in a diverse range of applications across a variety of industries. EPG Engines are proud to be Australia’s central distributor of Kohler Enginesand Lombardini Engines.

To find out further information about KOHLER, please contact EPG Engines the Australian central distributor on 1800 122 770 or visit

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