Magneto Ignition Module (MDI) has now replaced Digital Spark Advanced Ignition (DSAI)

The Kohler 12 volt Digital Spark Advanced Ignition (DSAI) has been discontinued for all Courage and Command Twins (not CV/CH940-1000) and replaced with Magneto Digital Ignition (MDI).  All new engine specs that were originally equipped with the DSAI system have been upgraded to the new MDI ignition.

The MDI ignition system offers the same ignition timing advance features as its predecessor, however it does not require a 12 volt power source to function. Some of the key features of the MDI system:

· Eliminates dependence on 12 volt battery power

· Eliminates concern with high voltage transients input to the module

· MDI module uses a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) design

· Ignition power and performance same as fixed timing CDI

The DSAI system will be phased out of service after inventory has been depleted. At that time an MDI kit will be used to supersede as the replacement part.

If the engine Spec. No. is not found, please use Parts Bulletin 259 of the Failure Analysis Guidebook, which lists a comprehensive chart of engine models and their respective MDI conversion kit part numbers. The kits will feature two new MDI ignition modules, as well as all of the required components to convert the engine to an MDI system. Service installation sheet 25 790 12 is also included with every kit providing step by step instructions to perform the conversion.

For more information or for a copy of the Failure Analysis Guidebook, please contact the EPG Engines team on 1800 122 770.

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