Kohler Introduces Industry’s First Flex-Fuel EFI Engine

Over the next two years, Kohler plans to convert its entire Command PRO air-cooled and Aegis liquid-cooled engines with both the EFI and flex-fuel technologies. Benefits of EFI include increased fuel efficiency, easier starts and lower exhaust emissions.

The new flex-fuel EFI system with patent-pending technology will offer significant fuel savings, improved performance and reduced emissions. The flex-fuel EFI models will operate efficiently and without excessive wear on the engine when E-85 or any other ethanol-fuel mix is used.

Additionally, the new Kohler flex-fuel EFI engines have instant load response. The EFI system allows the engine to respond with peak performance even in changing altitudes and load requirements which ensures it operates at top efficiency.

This new line of engines have also been designed with the same footprint as the current Command PRO and Aegis models so that no alteration of the end equipment is required when replacing the engine with the latest model.

Depending on the application, end users can realise a 17% to 28% fuel efficiency saving as well as lower emissions. When run on E-85 those emissions levels are reduced even further.

Kohler has partnered with Delphi – a leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems – to design this new flex-fuel EFI system. KOHLER flex-fuel EFI technology will be available on 26 twin-cylinder models ranging from 19-41 hp.

For more information on the flex-fuel EFI Engines or to place an order phone EPG Engines on 1800 122 770 or visit www.epgengines.com.au.

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