EPG Engines Kohler Co-op Program

EPG Engines Kohler Co-op Program is designed to assist you with boosting the visibility of your            business, allowing you to reach more customers as well as keep your advertising costs down. EPG Engines can reimburse a percentage of your advertising expenses associated with promoting the Kohler brand, with the exact amount of the reimbursement depending on the advertising medium and content of the advertising.

Advertising mediums that fall under the Kohler Co-op Advertising Program include:

  • Print Media
  • Literature
  • Signage
  • Online Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Field Days

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How it works

1. Create your advertisement
Contact enginesmarketing@epg.com.au if you require Kohler logo’s and/or product images

2. Send your advertisement to your EPG Engines Account Manager
Provide your EPG Engines Account Manager with your advertisement, advertising costs and publication if using print media, radio or television advertising

3. EPG Engines to examine your co-op claim
To ensure your Kohler co-op claim is fulfilled we strongly recommend you contact EPG Engines prior to placing your advertisement to ensure the advertising is appropriate and falls within the co-op program

4. EPG Engines to provide co-op claim status
You will receive a notification from EPG Engines via email regarding the status of your co-op claim and reimbursement amount

5. EPG Engines to provide reimbursement
Provide EPG Engines with an invoice with the agreed reimbursement amount

Please Note: The Kohler logo must be a prominent part of the advertisement. EPG Engines can choose not to reimburse any of the advertisement cost if there are other products/brands shown in the advertisement.


Warranty Registration

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Warranty Registration


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